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Kentucky has a long and rich history, plus some of the most beautiful and peaceful scenery you will find anywhere.  From Hopkinsville Goblins to bigfoot to space ships buried in the Red River Gorge. Beautiful water falls, open grass lands, rolling hills. Horse Farms, Zombie Halloween walks . Kentucky is no stranger to the odd, macabre, and bizarre. In fact, Kentucky has long been a hotspot for reported UFO sightings, cryptid sightings, conspiracies, mysteries, and some of the most haunted locations in America! From Bigfoot to the Pope Lick Monster, from the haunted Mammoth Caves to the infamous Waverly Hills, you never know what you’ll see in Kentucky. You might even stop by the Old Talbott Tavern for a visit and see the ghost of notorious Jessee James, who is said to haunt the place. From blood soaked Civil War battlefields to the haunted Bobby Mackey’s Music World, Kentucky has no shortage of locations to visit and investigate.   How many of these locations have you visited? Have you seen odd creatures in the woods that defy explanation or know of someone that has seen a UFO or claims to have been abducted?  Kentucky Mysteries is the home to all things odd, paranormal or supernatural. Welcome home!

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Foggy mountain roads leading to Ghost Hunting Tours or a nice Bed and Breakfast with awesome home cooked food! Kentucky has it all.  The Southeastern KY Moonshine and Bigfoot, Alien sightings, Western Ky lakes and resorts to Northern Ky Horse Farms and fine Wines! 

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Learn from experienced Ghost and Paranormal Investigators in the field with an overnight Investigation. Octagon Hall in Franklin, KY is one of the most famous plus very experienced field investigators. Get your hands dirty, Learn and have some fun! 



ghost in castle

On March 3rd, 1876  large chunks of meat rained from the sky across Olympia Springs in Bath County, KY.   Valley Hill in Springfield Kentucky has been said to have showers of golden lights that cause some to have visions.  The witches' tree of Old Louisville. Zombie Tours and Parties.



GoatMan, Bigfoot, Kellyvile Goblins,  The Hillbilly Beast with sightings that dates back to Daniel Boone’s day. Creatures walking the lands. Lizard Man

of Stephensport,  KY - 1966

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Cryptid Con  in Frankfort, KY.  Octagon Hall Tours and Investigations.   Mammoth Cave's Canopy Zipline Tour. Hidden Cave Tours, Lexington Horse Farm Tours, Bourbon Trail Tours,  River Boats, Canoe KY. Lots of things to do in KY!



Learn How to investigate Hauntings, UFO, Cryptids or Paranormal activity. Many Research Organizations in KY offer Classes in the Field (Learn while you investigate).



On July 15, 1965 a large craft landed on a mountain top just outside fo the city. Stayed for 45 minutes!! Multiple witnessess! Native American Oral History of Sightings and interactions with Visitors from another planet. The  Mantell UFO Incident.



Polksville Cemetery In Salt Lick, KY is the most haunted and scary cemetary in KY.  The Gates of Hell (Grandview Cemetery), Elizabethtown, KY.   The Mulberry Demon Of Anderson County Kentucky.   In the rural county of Marion lies a small town called Pilot’s Knob where women and childern had been accused of Witchcraft.

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