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KY Mysteries is a place to learn about all the incidents and sightings that happen in KY. It is also a place to learn about Tours of Haunted or Mysterious sights. Plus tours that will relax and inspire you. 


Exploring Tours

Can you find the 5 Alien Space Ships that Shawnee Oral History say were buried in the Red River Gorge over 400 years ago! Can you find the cause of so many Ghosts in Mammoth Cave? How about the Lost Swift Silver Mines of South Eastern KY, can you find the lost silver mines? There are so many place to explore in KY. We will be posting as many locations weekly as we can!


Visit Haunted Hotels and Museums

There are many Haunted Building (Octagon Hall for one) that offer Tours and nightly Ghost Hunts (book well in advance). Museums of the Paranormal, Ghostly and Weird to visit in KY. Each week we will be listing the ones that give us permission to be listed here!

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All non-profits or not-for-profit research groups are welcome to send us their Event, Tours, Classes information for listing on the Events page or Learning Page. This is a FREE service for the non-profits or not-for-profit groups.

Businesses, City or State governments, or Schools are welcome to list their Tours Schedules and Events on the Events page or Learning Page for the low price of $5.00 a Calendar year. Example January 1st to December 31st of the same year is considered a calendar year. If a Front Page Display or Advertisement is desired, the price is $25.00 a Calendar month. 

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All personal information (names, address, phone numbers) will be kept private and not displayed on the website KYMysteries.com unless written permission is given to post this personal information.  No personal information will be sold or given to anyone. Email address will be used to reply to the sender and will be kept for that purpose only. 

Everyone deserves their right to Privacy and we will do our best to uphold that right!

Only persons of legal age can submit sightings or incidents. If you are under legal age (defined as legal age in your state or country) please have a parent or guardian submit you sighting or incident report.